Tranquil moments

With summer officially upon us and the farm growing on all fronts the working day is anything but tranquil. We have built a pond for our ducks, and then re-graded it this weekend to aid in draining it for cleaning. Added a new roof to the shed row barn, and a coat of white paint to spruce it up. Weeding vegetable garden is a near daily task. Constant motion with projects in several directions have kept us very busy and as we head in for the evening hours rest at times seems elusive with the clean up of the house and addressing paperwork that has been put on hold. Yet each night we return to the barn to tuck in and lock the ducks and chickens in the stalls for protection. I turn on a medita

Like a Duck takes to Water

Like a Duck takes to water or so the saying goes. Our ducks have outgrown the little wading swimming pool so we decided to up grade and build them a small pond. With a little help from our friend Tim Dawson and his backhoe, our Kubota tractor and a pond liner we created a water haven. They took to it immediately and have spent most of theirs days swimming around. We added a small submersible fountain pump with a sprinkler to aid keeping the water moving to avoid stagnation. The ducks have taken to trying to drink out of the sprinkler. This is very comical. We enjoy watching them almost as much as the ducks enjoy the water. #Ducks #water

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