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The environment: Fryer oil and Soap

A strange combination to consider I agree, however, the process is more natural than you think.

Caring for our environment is paramount on a local and worldwide level. We all can contribute with even small changes in behavior by committing to purchasing products that are eco-friendly and minimize waste.

Used fryer oil is a waste product. If not recycled it will end up in the land fill where it can contaminate ground water. Removing this waste product from the environment and re-cycling it into soap is the epitome of environmentally responsible.

For years we have been working with local restaurants in the Northern neck and Baltimore area to collect their used fryer oil and make bio-diesel for the farm. A by-product of the bio-diesel is glycerin soap. This soap is an excellent degreaser but smells like fryer oil. With an additional saponification process and use of an essential oil, we have turned this into a degreasing soap for cleaning. Now being used in several restaurants in Baltimore, MD and Richmond, VA.

Castile soap is a vegetable oil based soap, traditionally made with olive oil, however now any vegetable oil is applicable. Taking this process one step further we worked to create a castile soap directly from fryer oil. First we cold filtrated the oil to remove impurities, then saponified the oil creating a light honey colored liquid soap. This soap retains all the glycerin and the moisturizing properties. Adding essential oils for scenting this castile soap is great for personal use.

Give it a try!

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