• Kelly Strickland

Farm life

Singer John Denver claimed 'life on the farm is kinda laid back, my days are filled with an easy country charm. '

creates an idyllic picture. Building and maintaining a farm, however is anything but laid back. It requires daily vigilance to routine chores, garden work which is mostly weeding, harvesting your hard work and then finding time to improve the farm systems. After an 6-8 hour physical day, time in the evening is then spent on the paperwork of the business and then trying to keep learning. Although after a long day, one look around the farm and the ' easy country charm' is felt in the soul.

In the past months, we have acquired and erected 2 High Tunnels to increase our growing season. We will now have the ability to grow produce year round. I am excited to explore the opportunities the high tunnels will bring. We are experimenting with saffron and ginger as well as herbs all winter long.


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