We believe in integrating sustainable farming practices for plant and animal production that will over the long term satisfy human food needs, make efficient use of non-renewable resources and sustain the economic viability of our farm.

Biodiesel is a renewable, cleaner burning diesel fuel replacement for the diesel engine. Made from renewable resources it contains no petroleum. 

We collect used fryer oil from local restaurants to produce biodiesel that we use in our farm tractor, truck, delivery van and boats.  Removing a waste product from the waste stream turning it into a renewable resource.

In addition, the by product from biodiesel production glycerol is then used to create the glycerin soap and the filtrated vegetable oil is used to create the Castile soap.

Continuing with sustainable use, we also use the filtered fryer oil in the Waste oil boiler to heat the barn and high tunnels in the winter months. 

The health of our animals is paramount to our health and the economic bottom line of the farm.  They are raised with love and compassion.  They are fed a daily ration of fresh organic greens and herbs grown on the farm. Some greens are foraged from the farm such as dandelion, thistle, plantain and goldenrod. They love apple pieces and eating apple twigs, also grown on the farm.  In addition, apple cider vinegar made from our apples is added to the rabbit’s water 2-3 x per week. 

We have been recognized as a Green Clean Grower by the VA Department of Conservation and Recreation.  By utilizing sustainable practices to protect and improve water quality.  This includes sustainable manure management which includes composting, using manure in a compost tea form too.   We collect rain water via run off from the gutters around the barn in totes to use as a water source for the gardens.  In addition, we have created a pond which now collects the rain runoff water from the farm to filter it before draining into the Chesapeake Bay watershed.


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